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Choose the MIPS package that is Right for You!


MIPS Survival:
Avoid Penalty

Meet the 2019 minimum MIPS requirements to avoid the 7% cut to your Medicare reimbursements.

This is the most basic level of engagement, does not require a specific EHR, and can be accomplished in only 35 minutes!

One-year and two-year options available

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Survival Plus:
Moderate Bonus

Purchase the MIPS Survival Plus package and you’re on your way to bonus money!

The MIPS Survival Plus option allows medical providers using any 2015 certified EHR to earn a MIPS bonus. In 2019, you can earn enough MIPS points for the chance of a small-to-moderate positive adjustment to your Medicare payments.

One-year and two-year options available

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Intellicure Network:
Optimal Bonus

Become a member of the Intellicure Network and position yourself to truly thrive under MIPS and qualify for the highest bonus possible with the least amount of effort. Members of the Intellicure Network leverage the integration of our Registries with the only Wound Care and Podiatry EHR that helps providers improve their MIPS Quality scores at the patient level within the chart. The Intellicure Network requires the use of IntellicureEHR and will only take about 2-3 hours of a clinician’s time throughout the entire reporting year!

Plus, IntellicureEHR customers who use Intellicure’s Physician Billing Services get their Network subscription for FREE. Click here to learn more about the Intellicure Network.

MIPS Gets Way Harder in 2019


Penalty Increase

The penalty for not meeting the minimum requirements of MIPS in 2019 increases to a 7% cut of your Medicare Reimbursements. It was 5% in 2018.

Minimum Score Increase

The minimum required score to avoid the 2019 MIPS penalty doubles to 30 MIPS points. It was only 15 points for MIPS 2018.


More Work

You can no longer beat MIPS by only completing Improvement Activities. You must now also complete another MIPS component -- like Quality measures or Promoting Interoperability measures -- in order to meet the 2019 MIPS minimum requirements and avoid a 7% reduction in Medicare reimbursements.

Must Use a Certified EHR

CMS is requiring all medical providers to use a CEHRT (2015 Certified EHR) in 2019 in order to meet the minimum MIPS requirements and avoid a 7% cut to their Medicare reimbursements. If your EHR isn't certified, we recommend making the easy switch to our partners at Intellicure.