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MIPS Survival Plus - Moderate Bonus

Earn an increase in your Medicare reimbursements in just 90 minutes! SIGN UP TODAY

CMS doesn’t just penalize providers for not meeting MIPS minimum requirements. They actually offer a bonus to those who go above and beyond.

The MIPS Survival Plus package allows medical providers using any 2015 certified EHR (CEHRT-certified, like Intellicure) to potentially earn a MIPS bonus. You can earn 4 to 100 extra MIPS points for the chance of receiving a small to moderate positive adjustment to your Medicare reimbursements in 2020.

The MIPS Survival Plus package includes everything outlined in our MIPS Survival package, plus the reporting of:

  • 12 months of data on 2 or more Quality measures
  • 90 days of data on 2 or more additional IA (Improvement Activities)
  • 90 days of data on 5 or more Promoting Interoperability measures

More data submitted over a longer period of time = more points and better reimbursements!

Purchase the MIPS Survival Plus Plan, submit basic Quality Data, utilize our IA Project Templates, and you’re on your way to BONUS MONEY!


Step 1: Enroll

There is no cost to join the US Wound & Podiatry Registries. Simply complete the enrollment form and we’ll get you started.

If you have enrolled in the past, move on to Step 2 and log in.


Step 2: Log In

After enrolling, we’ll email you a username and password to log into the Registry.

Step 3: Purchase

Select the MIPS Survival Plus package and apply any discount codes you may have seen. We often email discounts to memberships of various societies and groups.

Our packages are priced competitively even without a discount code.

Step 4: Choose two MIPS Components to Submit

You can opt to complete Improvement Activities, Quality Measures, and/or Promoting Interoperability … or you can do all THREE!

STEP 5: SUBMIT YOUR Completed Forms & Data

Submit your data for each component to the US Wound & Podiatry Registries prior to the deadline. You can increase your likelihood of earning a MIPS bonus by submitting data for more Quality measures. If you have questions on how this all works, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll walk you through it.

MIPS IS Harder Than Ever In 2020!


Penalty is bigger

The penalty for not meeting the minimum requirements of MIPS in 2020 increases to a 9% cut of your Medicare reimbursements.

Passing Score is Higher

The minimum required score to avoid the 2020 MIPS penalty increases to 45 MIPS points! It was only 30 points for MIPS 2019 and 15 for MIPS 2018.


It takes More Work

You can no longer beat MIPS by only completing Improvement Activities. You must now also complete another MIPS component -- like Quality measures or Promoting Interoperability measures -- in order to meet the 2020 MIPS minimum requirements and avoid a 9% reduction in Medicare reimbursements.

Must Use an Updated EHR

CMS is requiring all medical providers to use a 2015 Certified EHR (the latest updated standards) in 2020 in order to meet the minimum MIPS requirements and avoid a 9% cut to their Medicare reimbursements. Click here to see if the EHR version you are using is 2015 certified.