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Clinical Practice Improvement Activity (CPIA) Projects

There are 9 activity categories in CPIA with more than 100 different activities. It is not necessary to have Clinical Practice Improvement Activities in each category. Physicians need a total of 40 points to receive full credit for MIPS CPIA, which comprises at least 15% of the MIPS score. However, CPIA is likely to comprise at least 25% of a physician’s MIPS score since the current method of resource use may not apply to all specialties.

The Intellicure Network has developed a set of MIPS Clinical Practice Improvement Activities with the US Wound Registry to make completing this task easy. There are solutions for providers that use Intellicure EHR, other EHRs, or even for those that do not use an EHR at all.

Available CPIA Projects via the USWR:

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Choose the MIPS Survival Path that is Right for You!

MIPS Survival - Avoid Penalty

Meet the minimum MIPS requirement to avoid the 5% penalty by downloading and implementing one high (20) weighted CPIA project or two medium (10) weighted CPIA projects from the USWR. This is the most basic level of engagement, does not require a specific EHR, and can be accomplished in only 35 minutes! LEARN MORE

MIPS Survival Plus - Moderate Bonus

Participate for a MIPS bonus and begin to Thrive by submitting basic quality data to the USWR and downloading 2-4 CPIA projects from those we have already developed for your specialty. This is a deeper level of engagement that can be done with any 2014 certified EHR, and will only take a provider about 90-120 minutes to complete!LEARN MORE

Intellicure Network - Optimum Bonus

Become a member of the Intellicure Network and position yourself to truly Thrive under MIPS and qualify for the highest bonus possible with the least amount of effort. Members of the Intellicure Network are able to leverage the integration of the USWR, and Intellicure EHR...the only wound care and podiatry specific EHR able to fully facilitate the seamless execution of MIPS in alignment with a QCDR by simply navigating its standard charting process. This requires the use of the Intellicure EHR and will only take about 2-3 hours of a provider's time throughout the entire reporting year! LEARN MORE