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There are four ways to score points within MIPS. Currently considered one of the easiest is via Clinical Practice Improvement Activities (or CPIA, though recently CMS has started referring to them as just IAs, so we’ll do the same here).

A 100% score in IAs is worth 25 points toward MIPS. CMS has created 9 IA categories with more than 100 different activities total, each worth a specific amount of points. It is not necessary to complete activities in each category. Your goal is to complete enough IA activities to total 40 points. Doing so gives you a 100% score for IA, and is thus worth 25 points in your total MIPS score for IA within the MIPS score of 100. Again, 40 IA points = a 100% IA score = 25 MIPS points. Yes, that’s confusing. No, we didn’t create the scoring system; that’s CMS. 

The US Wound & Podiatry Registries have already developed Wound Care-specific IAs (below) which can only be reported through us. These IAs were created based on the new evidence-based, clinical-practice guidelines for diabetic foot management jointly sponsored by the Society for Vascular Surgery and the American Podiatric Medical Association. The document covers 5 areas: diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) prevention, offloading, osteomyelitis diagnosis, wound care, and peripheral arterial disease.

Below are the IAs that CMS approved from the US Wound & Podiatry Registries. We recommend you enroll in the US Wound & Podiatry Registries first, select the package you prefer, then return here to complete and submit the IAs.

Available Improvement Activities

MIPS IS Harder Than Ever In 2020!


Penalty is bigger

The penalty for not meeting the minimum requirements of MIPS in 2020 increases to a 9% cut of your Medicare reimbursements.

Passing Score is Higher

The minimum required score to avoid the 2020 MIPS penalty increases to 45 MIPS points! It was only 30 points for MIPS 2019 and 15 for MIPS 2018.


It takes More Work

You can no longer beat MIPS by only completing Improvement Activities. You must now also complete another MIPS component -- like Quality measures or Promoting Interoperability measures -- in order to meet the 2020 MIPS minimum requirements and avoid a 9% reduction in Medicare reimbursements.

Must Use an Updated EHR

CMS is requiring all medical providers to use a 2015 Certified EHR (the latest updated standards) in 2020 in order to meet the minimum MIPS requirements and avoid a 9% cut to their Medicare reimbursements. Click here to see if the EHR version you are using is 2015 certified.